Vibrant Bihar Global Summit – 2022 On 5th June At CIMP, Patna

Patna, Bihar  : Vibrant Bihar Global Business Summit will be organise on 5th June , at CIMP, Patna.

Vibrant Bihar Global Summit 2022 with the central theme: From “Aatmanirbhar Bihar” to “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”,
The seminars will focus on topics such as :
Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Agro & Food Processing.
“Export -led Growth” by propelling Local goes Global .

Positioning Bihar as a global investment destination for textiles.
Knowledge and skill- based economy.
Holistic Healthcare: Good Health and well- being for All.
Startups for Inspiring Disruptive Innovations
The team will guide in shaping business, Start up & Entrepreneurship through the global event.

The international experts from LIB (Let's Inspire Bihar) USA, UK, UAE, Oman, Germany, France, Australia & Singapore will lead the session with the support of Local "Let's Inspire Bihar" Bihar and Gujarat Chapter will be full coordination of Mohan Kumar Jha.